Most people are not aware of the advantages of writing insurance policies into Trust.

Here’s why it can make a real difference.

When someone dies, their estate has to be settled, which involves a process known as probate. Under normal circumstances, a pay-out from a life insurance policy forms part of a legal estate and is subject to inheritance tax.

Even with a will, probate has several stages and can take weeks, months and far longer to conclude in some cases.

An estate must be investigated to establish what debts and assets it has, before an executor can distribute money, property and so on. This is where a Trust can help.

With life insurance in trust, the money does not have to go through probate. Once a life insurance company receives a copy of the Death Certificate, the proceeds of the policy will be paid into the trust – allowing the trustees to make sure that your loved ones benefit from the policy.

Writing life insurance into trust is another step towards making sure your world is protected, which is why it is included as part of the service you can expect from Ensure You.