Your world

“I don’t have significant savings, or a partner who can take on all our household expenses, until I can get back to work. But don’t know if there is a way to cover some of our living expenses.”

“If I do have to take time off work due to illness, I think my employer will cover sick pay, although I’m not certain what that means and for how long.”

“Do I get statutory sick pay if I am self-employed?”

“I can see why it makes sense to put cover in place should I have to take a long time off due to illness. I can see that there are a lot of different prices available. I’m not sure which of the policies will be there for me should I need it.”

Our understanding

Each year, one million* people in the UK find they are unable to work because of injury or illness.

This is where Income Protection can make all the difference. The right policies can cover basic household expenses, even up to the day that you would otherwise have retired.

State benefits are minimal, and not every employer provides sick pay. We will look at protection designed to reflect your circumstances and cover essential financial needs.

We can identify the cover that is best suited to your age, circumstances and outgoings. Costs can differ based on how long you can wait before your cover begins paying out.


What Our Clients Say

“Phils expertise was obvious and even to the newbie to this sort of thing made me feel confident and relaxed in my choice.”

Mr P Scott