Your world

As we get older, it is tempting to think that we need less cover when it comes to life insurance. But there are more expenses to worry about than just paying off a mortgage.

I’d like to think that my loved ones will benefit from a lump-sum payment should I die, but I’m not sure if my age and health means it isn’t easy to arrange.

It might be costly and I’m not keen on the idea of having a medical. Perhaps it’s easier to just rely on savings to cover any expenses after my death?

Our understanding

Life never stands still, and neither should your insurance policies.

We make sure that as your circumstances change, so does your cover as there are policies better suited to people approaching and enjoying retirement.

We understand how to source the right plan for you, where premiums are guaranteed never to rise, and where you will benefit from guaranteed acceptance, with no need for medical evidence.

What Our Clients Say

“Phil was very committed to making sure I had the right product based on my own circumstances”

Mr L Young