Your world

As none of us knows what lies ahead, I understand why life insurance can make sense. Now having a mortgage I have been meaning to look at setting up cover, but I have not got around to it yet.

I would want my family to be able to keep our home if the worst happens to me. Unsure if it’s expensive and with so many polices available, I want to be confident that a policy will be right for me. It is important that my family can rely on it at a time when it will really matter.

Our understanding

Homeowners should make sure they have enough life insurance cover to pay off their mortgage should the worst happen. All too often, it is something that is overlooked but it is straightforward to set up.

Life insurance needn’t be expensive. Cost comparison sites can find a low price, but the cover may not be adequate. We work to make sure you have the right cover in place for your individual circumstances. We ensure the cover is written in a Trust, so your dependents can avoid probate hurdles.

“We had not looked at life cover since we took out a mortgage and when I checked the cover we had, I realised it just wasn’t suitable now we have a family. Phil was great, he took the time to understand our priorities. No one had told us how writing policies into Trust can make such a difference, it is a simple and practical step everyone should consider.”

Mrs V Howard