Your world

I have insurance in place for my business premises, contents and assets. But I have not given much thought to cover for me, or the other key members of staff.

We could cope for a limited time if one of us had to take time off. But that wouldn’t be the case if one of us was diagnosed with a critical illness.

If a key person passed away, it would certainly be a challenge. I would need to think about the impact that it would have on the business in the short-term as well as finding a replacement for the longer-term.

Our understanding

Some businesses believe that they would cease trading in under a year should key personnel die or become critically ill. Yet companies overlook insurance for directors and key personnel.

With key person insurance, we can help you safeguard your company against the impact of death or critical illness, so you can continue to trade.

This cover is designed to cover losses as well as the cost of staff replacement. Key Person Insurance is an expense that can be put through the business.

What Our Clients Say

“Phil came over very professional and we felt that he wanted to get the best product for our needs for the best value and went out of his way to get alternative quotes.”

Mrs E Norman