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Should I consider family income cover. Should I think about how my children and partner will cope financially should I die?

We have the mortgage protected but what happens to all the other costs that come up, month after month?

If there is a way to provide a payment each month for my dependents, that is affordable, it would be something I would consider until my children are old enough to care for themselves.

Our understanding

In the UK, it’s estimated that 112* children suffer the loss of a parent every day.

We have seen how vital cover can be helping families to avoid financial distress, should a parent die.

This type of insurance will pay a regular tax-free income until your children are 18 or 21.

We’ll look at your monthly outgoings, and cover that can replace the income that your family currently depends on.


“Phil came over very professional and we felt that he wanted to get the best product for our needs for the best value and went out of his way to get alternative quotes.”

Mrs E Norman