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We all have friends or family who have had to face a diagnosis of a critical illness. Something that can bring huge practical as well as emotional difficulties for families.

I know there are insurance policies for critical illness cover but I have heard that not every condition is covered. And that a pay-out can also depend on how serious an illness is.

I’m fit and well, so I’ve not given much thought to taking out Life Insurance. It might be something I’ll consider when I’m older and have dependents to worry about.

Our understanding

Critical illness Insurance provides a lump sum paid out to a policyholder, when diagnosed with an illness covered by the policy or suffers life changing injuries in an accident.

It pays to have a specialist advisor to review what is or isn’t covered when it comes to Critical Illness insurance. Ensure You makes choosing a policy less of a hassle, explaining your policy to you. Our research is thorough and we show you differences between policies. So that you can make the best decision for your circumstances. A simple search on a cost comparison website could lead you to miss vital aspects of what is or isn’t included.

This type of insurance should be in place before you develop health complications. It can provide a tax-free, one-off payment to cover your mortgage, debts or any alterations you may need to make to your home.

“Great service, price and fully explained what cover I had in comparison to other providers. Also provided summary print out which was clear and helped make my mind up”

Mr R Jones