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If something serious was to happen to me or the people I rely on to run my business. We could struggle to make loan repayments.

A worst-case scenario would be the death of a director. Following that, the demand for the debt from loans to be repaid upon that death.

I would like to safeguard my business from having to stop trading if we could no longer afford to pay loans if a key person in the business were to pass away or suffer a critical illness.

Our understanding

By arranging business loan protection an amount would be paid to the business in the event of a key person or director passing away or suffering a critical illness.

This will enable the company to repay the business debts such as, loans, commercial mortgages and overdrafts. Some commercial lenders insist business loan protection to be in place. However if they don’t, it is something which businesses with business debts should consider.

What Our Clients Say

“Phil took his time to understand how our business and personal life worked in order to get a policy that suits”

Mr T Edwards