Are we all different?

As individuals, yes, each of us has different priorities, commitments and lifestyles.

But what do we have in common?

The desire to care for ourselves and our loved ones should misfortune strike.

Yet we have found that all too often, people aren’t adequately covered. A simple online search does not guarantee protection against life’s complexities.

What policies provide varies significantly, even if they are priced similarly. This is where experience counts.

At Ensure You we have seen how the right insurance proves invaluable. When the unexpected happens, protecting people, their families and even their businesses.

We take the time to appreciate what matters to each of our customers. And then we research the cover that will prove right for their circumstances.

Our values are traditional, we get to know our clients, we care about their priorities. An annual review means we can make sure that polices stay relevant as time moves on.

With Ensure You, you can trust that no matter what lies ahead, your world will be protected.

Founder Philip Howells

Philip established Ensure You in 2016 and has a commitment to offering a truly personal service. Underpinned by deep expertise and has allowed the company to quickly establish a reputation as one that cares about its clients and how to best protect their worlds.

With a 20-year career in financial services, working across the UK, Philip has also seen how vital the right cover proves when people face a crisis. It gives people the time and security they need to recover from a life-changing event without risking the pressure of debt or financial hardship.

Able to source protection for people looking to protect themselves, their families and businesses from the impact of illness, accident or death. Philips in-depth approach means that all the vital aspects of clients lives are protected.

Getting the right kind of protection, at every stage of their lives, is what matters to customers and it is what matters to Philip.